5 Ways to Stop the Binge


I’ve been insanely busy lately with all the crazy stuff going on in my life at the moment, and I’ll be going away on a trip next week but I wanted to provide you with a short and practical post before I go.

Going to dinner with family and friends? Attending a big birthday party? Don’t panic- even if you are on a fat loss diet. Anytime you feel a risk of overeating in a time when overeating will hamper your results and decrease your chances in reaching your goals remember these 5 simple tips, they will ease the binge and keep you on track.

Take notes…

1. Increase your protein intake in the meals leading to the event. Eating satiating foods will reduce the risk of overeating massively. Before attending the food fest makes sure you eat a meal really big in protein and vegetables – you do not want to arrive to the party hungry.

2. Eat loads of vegetables. The satiating effect of vegetables is hard to beat. Increase your intake in the meals preceding the event as well as on the actual event. If possible fill half of your plate with delicious veggies.

3. Train. Many people take usage of the appetite suppressing effect that heavy training can have. Besides, in case you know you are going to take in some extra calories – why not use the opportunity to do it when the likelihood is largest that some of these extra calories will support muscle gain?

4. Say STOP. Sometimes when times you feel like you are going overboard, you need to learn how to stop the binge before it goes overboard. To learn this skill is an easy but incredibly valuable one. Say STOP – and stop eating, really.

5. Relax. Unless you have a really tight deadline (photo-shoot, bodybuilding show, wedding or whatever) you need to put the event in perspective. Will it really matter if you increase the length of your journey by one day? If not – stop panicking and enjoy the meal with your loved ones.

For more useful tips on how to avoid hunger attacks during a fat loss diet click HERE 

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One comment on “5 Ways to Stop the Binge
  1. Scott says:


    I think I have 3 and 5 down to perfection.

    Struggling with 1, 2 and 4 however. Still, its a marathon not a sprint as they say and a newbie such as myself is learning everyday about the importance of diet in this game.

    Great tips.



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