ILCD Testimonial – Check Out How This Girl Transformed Her Physique In 7 days

KS before-after

Like I said in the latest Geeky Friday post; I’ve been getting quite a few testimonials emailed to me by folks trying the extremely effective ILCD, Insanely Low Calorie Diet. I will share some of the more detailed testimonials with you guys, starting with the first one today.

Here’s the first email that she sent to me and that made me ask her to share the report with my readers.

Hi Mr B!

we spoke briefly awhile back – and I have since then experimented with myself with great success.  Thank you for taking the courage to demonstrate that this is possible (Im the midst of writing up my own report and showing it to my training buddy who would not believe that Im lifting similar if not heavier weights than her)

The text below is an direct copy-paste of her report, unedited and uncensored as always for your pleasure. Enjoy!

ILCD Experiment

Experiment date: Fri 18/5/2012 to Thurs 24/5/2012 (7 days)

Nickname: KS


  1. Is fat loss possible on an extremely low calorie, protein-sparing diet?
  2. Can muscle strength be preserved during this period?
  3. Will there be significant fatigue affecting performance at work/training during this period?
  4. Will there be significant hunger affecting performance at work/training during this period?
  5. Would mental focus be significantly affected during this period?
  6. Are there any adverse effects from attempting this experiment?


  1. -1800 to -2000kcal daily (maintainence intake for subject is 2350kcal)
  2. Alternating intake with protein shake and fresh salmon for EFA
  3. BCAA to provide continuous source of protein to body
  4. All other calorie-free beverages allowed
  5. Re-feed with carbs on last day after glycogen depleting workout

Day 1 – Friday, 18th May 2012

Weight – 67.5kg


1.30pm protein shake x1 scoop

4.40pm protein shake x1 scoop

6.30pm pre-workout BCAA

10pm protein shake x1 scoop

Workout: – heavy day

Pullups BW WU 8 WS 3/3/3/3/2+1

Squat 32.5kg WU 7 WS 3/3/3/3/3

Shoulder Press 17.5kg WU 9 WS 3/3/3/3/3

Deads 32.5kg WU 10 WS 3/3/3/3/3

Bench 22.5kg WU 9 WU 3/3/3/3/3

Curls 10kg WU 5 WS 3/2/2/3/2

Fatigue: 1/10

Hunger 0/10

Mental Focus 10/10

Notes: 1st day of experiment –very excited!  At first worried cannot lift heavy (expected training to be at 1pm after work but ended up at 6.30pm) But many PRs!!!  Full of energy, hope this will pan out smoothly

Day 2 – Saturday, 19th May 2012

Weight – 66.9kg (-0.6kg)


9am BCAA

1.30pm pre-workout BCAA

5pm Salmon x300g

Workout: – general conditioning

Dragon boat practice x2 hrs

Fatigue: 4/10

Hunger 3/10

Mental Focus 10/10

Notes: Day full of activities!  Surprisingly not hungry – perhaps mind was too preoccupied.  Salmon kept me full till late at night

Day 3 – Sunday, 20th May 2012

Weight: 65.3kg (-2.2kg)


12.30pm pre workout BCAA

2.30pm protein shake x1 scoop

4.30pm BCAA

6.30pm protein shake x1 scoop

8pm protein shake x1 scoop

Workout: – heavy day

Leg Press 5,5,5 – 300lb

Lats pulldown 5,5,5 – 56.7kg PR

SL Deads 5, 5, 5 – 65lb

DB 1-arm snatch 5,5,5 – 10kg (for shoulder mobility)

Fatigue: 7/10 (due to lack of sleep)

Hunger 3/10

Mental Focus 7/10 (due to feeling very cold while working in ICU)

Notes: Starting to feel cold intolerance while working today, which warmed up after the workout. Skin’s starting to look a little dry as well Will remember to wear extra layers when working next day A little worried about working out with Jenny cm. V surprised that I am not hungry at all – no thoughts on food, in fact its kinda a chore to drink protein shake every couple hours

Day 4 – Monday, 21st May 2012

Weight: 65.1kg (-2.4kg)


5pm Salmon x300g

7.30pm pre workout BCAA

10pm BCAA

Workout: general conditioning

Pullups WU [(A)30] 8, 7, 6 WS [(A)30] 5, [(A)43] 5, [(A)57] 7

DB Step Down Lunge 11x4sets – 12.5kg

DB Deads + Shoulder Press 8x3sets –  15kg

Inverted Row – 50reps

DB 1-arm snatch 5/side – 12.5kg

Fatigue: 4/10 (at work but no more after workout)

Hunger 2/10

Mental Focus 7/10

Notes: Again, very cold in the ICU but manageable wearing an extra layer – generated lots of raised eyebrows though. Did decently well for the workout! Halfway thru! Again no hunger – with excellent mental focus at work

Day 5 – Tuesday, 22nd May 2012

Weight: 64.9kg (-2.6kg)


1.15pm pre workout BCAA

3.15pm protein shake x1 scoop

11pm protein shake x1 scoop

Workout: – heavy day.

Chins BW 5, 5, 5

DB Split Squat 5, 5, 5 – 20kg PR

Seated Bench 5, 5, 5 – 55kg

Waiter’s Carry x3 laps – 14kg

Fatigue: 6/10 (at work but more energized after workout)

Hunger 2/10

Mental Focus 7/10

Notes: Was mentally crippled before starting 3rd heavy workout of the experiment, but still managed to do well!  Missed 1 protein shake as was too engrossed catching up with a friend.  Hope I won’t suffer tomorrow!  Am already feeling my clothes/uniform feeling loose. No hunger!!!!! How is that possible…I used to be thinking about food all the time.

Day 6 – Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

Weight: 64.4kg (-3.1kg)


1pm pre workout BCAA

2.30pm BCAA

3.15pm Salmon x300g

Workout: – general conditioning

Man-maker 8x3sets – 10kg

Deads + burpee 10x4sets – 20kg

Squat + cable row 10×3 sets – 23.75kg/26.26kg/31.25kg

Fatigue: 8/10 (AM pre-workout during work) 2/10 (PM post-workout)

Hunger 2/10

Mental Focus 3/10 (AM pre-workout during work), 6-7/10 (PM post-workout)

Notes: Worst day so far. OMG. Very cold + lethargic since starting work.  Could not focus, reviewed patients with half of my normal working speed.  Could NOT wait to knock off.  Literally shivering.  But it’s the 2nd last day to end of experiment, cannot give up. Funny I was only feeling lethargic but not hungry at all. Still able to pull off the workout, albeit slower speed, felt an increase in energy levels after…due to sense of achievement?? Note to self: do not trust energy levels pre-workout…cos I would still be able to pull it off and still feel awesome after.

Day 7 – Thursday, 24th May 2012

Weight: 63.6kg (-3.9kg)


4pm – Salmon x 300g, Asparagus x 100g, Roasted pumpkin x 700g

8pm – Braised lamb x 300g

Workout: – glycogen depletion

Leg Press 15x3sets – 150lb

superset with

Leg Curl 1x3sets – 31.5kg

Seated Press 15x3sets – 30kg

superset with

Lats Pulldown 15x3sets -36kg

Posterior delt raise 15x2sets 4kg

superset with

DB curls 15x2sets – 6kg

Fatigue: 3/10

Hunger 2/10

Mental Focus 8/10

Notes: Feeling a lot better than yesterday albeit a little tired.  Looking forward to the last day of this experiment. Felt like bursting after eating all that pumpkin, but it taste so good!!  Am expecting a weight gain tomorrow from filling up the glycogen stores. What a great week this has been!!! Can’t wait to test out my strength tomorrow on the 4 lifts and answer my own clinical question – then its Jap food for dinner!  Sashimi nomnomnomnommmm.

Day 8 – Friday, 25th May 2012

Weight: 63.5kg (-4.0kg)


8pm – Jap food

Workout: – heavy day for post-experiment measurement vs 18th May

Pull-ups WU 7 WS 3/3/3/3/3 PR

Squats 33.75 WU 6 WS 3/3/3/3/3 PR

Deads 33.75 WU 9 WS 3/3/3/3/3 PR

Bench 22.5 WU 9 WS 3/3/3/3/3

Fatigue: 1/10

Hunger 1/10

Mental Focus 9/10

Notes: Awesome end to this experiment –was a smashing success!!  No hunger/ fatigue since am…maybe cos I know it’s the last day and Im already feeling very good.  Able to focus well at work, which is an added bonus!


What felt surprising:

– nil hunger for the entire week despite being on such insanely high calorie deficit

– still able to pull PRs even on the last day of the experiment

– energy levels were generally high (except for the morning of day 6)

– now I know never to trust energy levels just before workouts….cos I would always feel better after it

Adverse effects:

– Loose stools (not diarrhoea kind though, still regular bowel habits, maybe because I did not eat any vegetables during the experiment)

– Cold intolerance (started from day 3)

– Dry skin, which became better on day 7



Notes:  waist/belly definitely smaller, belly more tucked, thighs are tighter

My notes:

Very much the same conclusions that I got when I did the experiment. At times, it’s definitively a struggle, and I have gotten a few reports from folks who couldn’t last more than 4-5 days. However, those cases are rare and those who actually manage to pull it off display amazing results. The case is no different here, and if you cannot visualize the change in the pictures above, you need to get yourself a pair of good glasses and remember: this was while maintaining or even increasing strength!  

Do you have a testimonial of your own? Make sure you send it to me! Shoot me an email via the Contact me page!

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  1. FitJerk says:

    Awesome shit – I’m more impressed by her ability to stick to the ILCD than her transformation. Shit is not fun.

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