Daniel Petersson Transformation

LIZA by lift-heavy.com

You might recognize Daniel as one of the testimonials from the free  version of the LIZA e-book. When he started training under my wings he’d already been training for 2 years and tried his best to gain some muscle mass. Non of us were impressed.

You already know the results he got following through all three phases of the LIZA program (see the e-book for the details and strength stats). If not, you’d better download it right away. I’ll wait.

LIZA by lift-heavy.com


Moving On…

After LIZA he was ready to get shredded and as I’m writing this he just successfully finished his fat loss diet  and did a professional photo shoot, and I just wanted to give you a quick update on his progress.

LIZA by lift-heavy.com


Photo credit: Roger Hansson

If you compare the last picture to the very first one, I’m sure you’d agree that this truly is an amazing transformation. He started his cut with one week on the Insanely Low Calorie Diet (ILCD) to kick start his fat loss, moving on in a more steady pace thereafter, until he reached his goal of a total of 10 kg weight loss.

During his cut, he used my Zarah program, mostly consisting of low volume heavy strength training, high protein -calorie cyclic diet with an Intermittent Fasting feeding regimen, and very conservative use of supplements such as EAA and some fish oil. Mostly, he worked his ass off, day in and day out and never complained. He fell on his nose a few times but did what my clients are always advised to do, dust it off and keep going. No compensatory cardio or starvation. No destructive feelings. Just accept and keep moving.

It took him 13 weeks to finish his cut.


In Daniel’s own words: “The experience has taught me many lessons, but most importantly about how I, using MY own individual capacity, continuous  drive, with patience and determination, can truly transform my body beyond what I ever thought was possible.”


I am so damn proud of you, bud.

Feel free to give him some love in the comment’s section below.



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2 comments on “Daniel Petersson Transformation
  1. Alex says:

    How long did the total tranformation take from the first photo to the last ?

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