Client BEAST-award 2011


The award goes to

-Alexander Feuk-

During an incredible 11 month transformation, Alexander lost over 50 lbs of body fat while making unreal increases in strength. During the first year, it has definitely been hard and draining, especially since Alexander works as a chef and has to prepare delicious food for others on a daily basis. However, with hard and consistent work, and the right mindset to never. ever. give up, nothing but success has been, nor will be an option.

The journey continues and the next goal for us is to hit that big 30 kilo goal, and get those abs visible for the beach season.

Well done, bud. I’m proud of you.

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One comment on “Client BEAST-award 2011
  1. Wow! That’s awesome. Congratulations to both of you – progress is addictive, that’s for sure – what is your plan for when things (inevitably) slow down (which is a good thing)?

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