Avoid Hunger Attacks During Fat Loss


Since I’m planning to go on a diet starting next week (no real reason, just figured I’d make your girl jealous) I thought I’d share with you guys my secret weapons to deal with episodes of hunger.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what kind of diet you’re on or how motivated you are, whether you’re getting prepared for some kind of show, trying to lose 100 lbs. or just looking for that crispy, sexy look, after spending prolonged time in calorie deficit, you will get hungry, and you will have episodes when you will feel like shit. I want to share with you my top tricks for dealing with hunger during dieting and how to get your ass back on track.

Eat more protein: Like this needs to be said again. Protein is the most sating macronutrient per calorie unit and will make you feel fuller than any of the other macronutrients. Additionally protein has the highest TEF (Thermic effect of Food), which basically means that a quarter of the calories ingested actually are used to process the nutrient in your body and exposed as heat. Research has also shown us that a high protein intake during fat loss minimizes muscle wasting. Plus it’s a lot damn easier to overeat on bread than tuna and chicken.
Bottom line: make sure to increase your protein intake while dieting.

Reduce meal frequency: I really don’t give a shit what you read in your local magazine or what the really big guy in the gym told you: reducing meal frequency will make your diet easier. You get to eat bigger meals and can skip the obsessive behavior of bringing really small packages of food with you everywhere, forcing you to constantly think about food, wherever you go. This is also supported by research, but that discussion is out of the scope of this article. Take my word on it, and try it yourself.


Soups: Let’s face it: even though you increase protein intake and reduce meal frequency there will be a time when hunger attacks come, especially when you start to get really low in body fat percentage. Then there is use for my post potent fat loss weapon: to prepare my high protein meals as soups with chicken, red meat, lentils, veggies, carrots an A LOT of water. You can get a whole saucepan of satiating soup, while staying extremely low on the calories. And if you’re a sucker for hot stuff like me you can really add some flavor to it: hot chili, cayenne pepper, Tabasco, you name it. Just don’t panic if you gain some weight because of the water retention that comes with increased sodium intake.image

 I could give you all the references in the world on the positive health effects of drinking coffee, but I really don’t think most of you give a shit about the science anyway. All I can tell is that it might be beneficial for fat loss, even though the effects probably are small. But more than so I find coffee to blunt hunger really good. Plus that it tastes damn good. And if you need to add sugary flavors, whipped cream or loads of full fat milk, you probably don’t like coffee anyway, do you?


 In many people (and I’m definitely one of them) both anecdotal evidence and research has showed that training per se has a potent hunger blunting effect. I often train hungry and feel absolutely no hunger when done. Goes for all kinds of training so if you feel hunger, just do something: get moving, lift weights, get outside. Plus it will get your mind of the food.

Angelina Jolia

No further comments needed.
(200 grams of fresh strawberries during or after the action won’t make any difference, so don’t panic about it, and a little whipped cream is OK as well. Apart from the cardiovascular challenge itself, sex gets your mind of the food (hopefully, or you’re just a fucking moron or need to change sex partner ASAP))

Cheesecake: Another big secret I use on every diet: bake cheesecakes with low fat cheese, full grain digestives and cooked berries on top. Definitely no cravings for anything sweet after this. Might do a whole post on these later with the full recipes (actually, I could write a whole goddamn book about cheesecakes).

These are my secret weapons when dieting gets tough. And sometimes when even the things above won’t help, maybe you just have to shut the fuck up and stick with your plan and stop being a whiny bitch. But for now at least you got some options to help you ease the pain. And if you’re not on a fat loss diet and really don’t give a shit about this post, you can always take some time off and look at the picture of Angelina Jolie with a strawberry in her mouth, yummy. More to come…

What’s your favorite tip to get rid of hunger attacks during your fat loss diet?

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