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Goal Characteristics For Success


Everybody knows the importance of goal setting when it comes to fitness and weight loss. But what are the parts that constitute effective goals? What is the difference between a successful person, that reaches his/her goals and a dreamer who

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Master The Chin Up


One of my absolutely favorite upper body exercises is the chin up. Why? Because it’s such a great move to measure relative strength. You need to be strong, but still you can’t allow yourself to get fat in the progress.

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Training Teenagers


Now don’t let the title fool you. I have used the following training program with great success in a quite a few different people; beginners getting started, people that have been using typical bodybuilding splits with unsatisfying results for years,

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Get a Grip – Don’t let hand strength stand between you and awesomeness


First off, let me share a personal story with you guys: I have really small wrists. Like ridiculously small. Every time I buy a watch, I have to ask them to decrease the diameter with like 50% so it doesn’t

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Lose Weight Using The HCG Diet?


So the summer is closing up on us and people start to fantasize about the perfect beach body (yeah, this year as well). How do I know? Because all the spam on my twitter is driving me nuts. A lot of it

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