Welcome to Lift-Heavy.com, where the goal is to provide you with unbiased, non-bullshit information backed by solid research so you can learn how to build a sexy and strong body. Oh and also to provide delicious cheesecake recipes on the regular.

In a time when it’s basically taboo to admit that the reason you torture yourself in the gym consistently is not to get a 500 lbs bench, not to increase your athletic performance or to lower you blood lipids (although those things are nice to) – but to basically look sexy as hell and be proud and confident in your own skin.

My name is Bojan Kostevski, I’m a MD, Certified Gym instructor, Science geek, and an overall really busy guy.

I’m located in Sweden and have devoted my life to help others. During the light of day, I’m a physician working in emergency medicine,  but I also have a big interest in preventive medicine.

I read tons of science on the effects of resistance training, nutrition and supplementation on human health. I have a big interest in the science behind goal setting and habitual changes and  try to turn the knowledge I get into practical tools that can be used by myself, my clients and by you, my reader.  My aim with this site is to share this information with you in the most efficient way possible.

I walk my talk on day to day basis and use all of the methods I provide on myself and my clients. If you decide to walk the talk with me and my little community, then I welcome you to the Lift-Heavy family!

Click your way around the page, read some content, and please feel free to interact – hit me up on G+, Twitter or FB, or shoot me an email via by going to my contact page. I’ll talk to you soon.

In strength,

- Dr. Bojan Kostevski


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  1. Love the content! Your blog/social media feed is an inspiration and helps me to incorporate meaningful and effective practices in my training!



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